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About smartprimeinvestment.com

Our investors love the work we do.

The multi-asset nature of our approach means we cast the net wide to find individual investments and our research ranges from simpler research, such as equity funds, to more sophisticated investment areas such as trusts, structured products and more complex funds. Read More
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We create solutions for your investment needs

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When sourcing investments, we receive numerous investment referrals from our extensive network.

These sources include proprietary relationships, direct approaches from partners/sellers, referrals from specialist intermediaries, dialogue with investment banks and follow-on transactions within the portfolio.

Our key investment criteria in assessing prospective investments include:

  • The investment’s compliance with our ethics and Shari’ah principles
  • The alignment with our investors’ preferences and needs
  • The ability to generate the targeted returns over the investment holding period
Due Diligence

Extensive research on multiple aspects of the potential investment

After the initial screening to determine which opportunities meet our investment criteria, the investment teams conduct in-depth due diligence on the most promising opportunities.